Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 9: Alliance at Nefelus

The Fancy Bastards began this quest aboard Brindol’s Pride, a warship flying under the colors of the Seven Shields Coalition. There, they were briefed by Amyria, a longtime and staunch ally of the heroes. Recently she was named special envoy to Nefelus, the island nation magocracy led by a council of devas. On board the ship, they were briefed of the mission ahead — Nefelus was blockaded by an unknown antagonist, who had conjured a massive ice floe around the island and was assaulting the tropical land with the bitter cold of a northern winter.

The first task ahead of the party was to enter Nefelus. The ship was equipped with a specially designed ramming bow and a reinforced hull to break through the ice. The fog coming off the ice mixing with the hot tropical weather made it particularly difficult to see the ice ring until the heroes were right on it, at which point they noticed that they had company — a frost giant contingent patrolling the ice to ensure that none broke through from either side. After dealing with the frost giants and breaking through the ice, the ship continued on to Nefelus.

Once the Fancy Bastards arrived in Nefelus, they were taken to quarters to rest while Amyria met with the Thraxinium. After a short while, Amyria asked the characters to accompany her to be introduced to Bejam, a member of the Thraxinium. Bejam explained what they knew about the icy ring, the climate changes, the Seed of Winter, and the sightings of unusual sahuagin creatures. The heroes were asked to journey to the ice floe and put a stop to the punishing cold and blockade that imperiled Nefelus. In exchange, the Thraxinium rewarded the heroes for their efforts and considered aiding the Coalition. However, time was running short for Nefelus; the cold assault was growing and the containment ritual ending soon.

The Fancy Bastards needed to head back through the icy ring, but to arrive at Icehome with little chance of detection, they traveled underwater. They were given three apparatuses of Kwalish to use to make it to the ice floe. Amyria stayed behind to negotiate an alliance with Nefelus.

The characters dodged sahuagin patrols and made their way to the ice floe, discovering the underground entrance to Icehome. They ran into arctic sahuagin and fought their way farther into Icehome.

Inside Icehome, the adventurers found a network of caverns occupied by creatures that were apparently subservient to or allied with Chillreaver, a doubleheaded white dragon. In addition, they were able to learn information from a githzerai that became allied with Chillreaver after journeying with the last landing party from Nefelus.

As they ascended to the upper levels of Icehome, they dealt with Chillreaver’s personal guards and, finally, the white dragon himself. He was engaged in a ritual to bring the full power of the Seed of Winter to bear on Nefelus, attempting to shatter the containment ritual the Nefelese have in place. The characters fought Chillreaver to stop the Seed of Winter from generating the unnatural cold. Once the ritual was broken and Chillreaver defeated, Icehome began to collapse and the characters were forced to flee before they were crushed in the crumbling ice floe.

Successfully returning to Nefelus after defeating Chillreaver and retrieving the Seed of Winter, they helped Amyria convince Bejam to join the Coalition and fight alongside the forces of good against the githyanki invaders.



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