Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 7: Beyond the Mottled Tower

Overlook’s Council of Elders received a missive from Megan Swiftblade, begging their aid in the light of repeated assassination attempts against her and her group — the Freeriders. The letter also included an intriguing note indicating that Megan had discovered who was behind General Zithiruun’s recent attack on the city. Megan was in hiding for her life, but asked that a courier be sent to the Green Dragon tavern in the village of Talar. The council summoned the Fancy Bastards, asking them to meet with Megan and assess the truth and value of her information.

The party reached Talar without incident, but as they rested in the tavern waiting for Megan to make contact, an earthquake hit the area. However, before they fled the collapsing tavern, the party rushed to aid other trapped patrons (including Thurann). When they finally reached the street, the screams of the fleeing populace heralded the sight of an unearthly ooze — blood chaos — inundating and destroying nearby buildings.

The Fancy Bastards faced off against several creatures lurking within the blood chaos. However, even as they determined that this deadly flow was emanating from a tunnel blasted out through the side of a nearby hill, the heroes saw the tower atop the hill shudder and sink into the earth. In the aftermath, the heroes battled their way down through the tower, defeating a number of beasts freed by the earthquake, and rescuing the sage Falrinth, his servant, and Megan.

In a cavern deep beneath the tower, the Fancy Bastards discovered that servants of Sarshan were behind the attack on the town, and were set to flee by way of a teleportation circle. After defeating them, the heroes gleaned enough information from Falrinth and Megan to determine that this attack was just the first of many, and that Sarshan must be stopped for good.

After activating the portal, the party arrived at the Ever-Tree — a living tower growing in the midst of a lake tainted with blood chaos. Immediately beset by a pair of green dragons, the heroes fought their way into the tunnels beneath the tree, catching their first glimpse of Sarshan as he fled. After defeating Sarshan’s guards, the heroes followed the shadar-kai through another portal to the Elemental Chaos.

Arriving atop an earthberg drifting on the Sea of Fire, the Fancy Bastards discovered the monolithic tower that served as Sarshan’s lair. Inside, the shadar-kai had configured a portal network leading through the tower to pass through a series of guarded and trapped chambers. When they finally reached the roof, the heroes and Sarshan faced each other in a final showdown. Sarshan was thrown off of the top of the tower, but somehow managed to survive and crawl his way to a portal, attempting to escape. However, Sirkana Embersight beat him to the punch and opened a portal that transported the party to precisely the location where Sarshan was trying to leave. The Fancy Bastards struck fast, and Sarshan was incinerated in the Sea of Fire.



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