Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 8: Haven of the Bitter Glass

In a previous quest to the Den of the Destroyer, the Fancy Bastards freed the mysterious deva Amyria from her imprisonment in the form of a platinum sword. They had not heard from her since she parted ways with the adventurers in Overlook.

The heroes had just finished a momentous adventure Beyond the Mottled Tower, chasing down and destroying Sarshan in his tower within the Elemental Chaos. They had returned to Overlook, having had a couple weeks to rest and recover after returning from their battle with Sarshan. They were summoned to the walls of Overlook’s western gates where a mysterious flying ship was sighted heading for the city.

This ship, the githyanki war galleon Conqueror, had crashed near the southwestern wall by the time the Fancy Bastards arrived. The only person on board was an injured githzerai scout named Tokk’it. He announced that his race is the sworn enemy of the githyanki and that their last fortress in the area is under attack from githyanki forces; he stole the githyanki ship to try and summon help from the Heroes of Elsir Vale before the fortress of Akma’ad falls.

The ship was able to manage one more trip back to the site of the battle, and Tokk’it started the trip back immediately with the Fancy Bastards on board. During the journey, Tokk’it admits that an important meeting of githzerai leaders was occurring at Akma’ad, and that their lives are at grave risk. Somehow the githyanki learned of the gathering and communicated it to a group of nearby mercenaries with lightning speed, and the leaders were ambushed almost as soon as they all arrived.

After fighting a githyanki recovery team sent to reclaim the Conqueror, the heroes reached the besieged fortress, where their swift actions secured a favorable outcome for the remaining githzerai survivors. Succeeding in routing the githyanki, the heroes learned that several of the githzerai leaders were slain during the battle and the remaining leader, Odos was hostile toward humans. The surviving githzerai planned to go to the nearby city of Sayre, so far untouched by war, and they invited the party to accompany them if they wished to play a part in the upcoming war council called, unknown to the party, by their friend Amyria. En route, a surviving githyanki assassin attacked them.

In Sayre, the Fancy Bastards met a local githyanki celebrity named Telicanthus, who lauded them as the Heroes of Elsir Vale and invited them to tea. The githzerai accompanying the heroes didn’t fare as well, since locals considered them, oddly, evil and thieving undesirables. They were initially refused entry to the city until the heroes intervened and vouched for them. In the abandoned warehouse where the githzerai in Sayre were forced to stay, the heroes met Amyria once again, and she asked for their help in organizing the fractious githzerai. In doing so, the heroes discovered a major githyanki plot in the city involving Telicanthus. A divination spell pointed them toward a long-forgotten library beneath a ruined temple of Ioun. The heroes were attacked by a band of “beggars” en route, and they found out the hard way that the temple of Ioun was now a temple of Tiamat instead.

With clues and information that Telicanthus was maintaining a magical communication network for the githyanki armies, the Fancy Bastards had the opportunity to infiltrate his mansion and look for proof when they were invited to formal tea. Before attending that event, they helped to establish the Seven Shields Coalition, an organization that was united to oppose the growing githyanki threat.

Secretly searching Telicanthus’s mansion revealed roughly dug tunnels that led to the ruin of a tower, and the Bitter Glass itself. With proof of hidden githyanki troops and traitorous activities, the Fancy Bastards publicly confronted Telicanthus with their evidence and finished him once and for all.



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