Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 10: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King

The Fancy Bastards returned to Sayre from Nefelus, bearing the Seed of Winter. The Seven Shields Coalition had been devastated by the deaths of Divian Torrance and Kalad and sought a leader to head a new war council that will oversee all the armies involved in the war. The heroes actively engaged in the campaign, where they nominated their preferred candidate, Amyria, and saw her appointed to the position of leader. Then, the council discussed the fomorian king Cachlain. For some time, the evil forces’ troops had been traveling through the Feywild and to the world using the natural gates within his dark domain, and spies discovered that the Seed of Winter was given to Nefelus’s enemies by the fomorian. The party was sent to the court to find out what he’s getting for his help and to try to make him leave the conflict, or even switch sides. They carried the Seed of Winter as a bargaining chip.

After following Cachlain’s slavers to find a portal to the Feywild, and obtaining the fomorian’s seal from those slavers, the Fancy Bastards entered the Feywild. They were soon attacked by firbolgs, who wanted to return the heroes and the Seed of Winter to followers of Inzira, the Daughter of Frostwhite Forest, who claimed to be the proper owner of the artifact. Unfortunately, the heroes slaughtered all the firbolgs and were forced to resort to rituals to find their way to the encampment. The eladrin sought an alliance with Cachlain, fearing the machinations of Sangwyr — a fomorian upstart and their mutual enemy. Inzira allowed the party to borrow the Seed of Winter and go to Cachlain’s court, hoping they can form an alliance one way or another.

When they reached Cachlain’s realm, they met with the king and his advisor Sovacles, and they discovered that Sovacles nearly controled the king. Rebuffed for the time being, the Fancy Bastards were forced to await another audience with the king. As they explored the court, they discovered the sheer number of troops traveling through the domain, and that the forces of evil have promised to spy on Cachlain’s enemies in exchange for his help.

Bram Ironfell, from the Lost Mines of Karak, reappeared as an ambassador to the court from the githyanki. An assault that happened soon after, as the fomorian rival attempted to seize Cachlain’s domain. As the heroes helped fight them off, Bram Ironfell’s moment of truth approached, and by showing Bram a little kindness they were able to convince him to rejoin the forces of the world. The heroes also met a cyclops oracle who formerly advised Cachlain, but lay imprisoned in a hidden jail. Cachlain’s rival sent assassins to slaughter the Fancy Bastards.

The heroes learned that Sovacles had something to do with the invasion, and they confronted the advisor. However, the advisor still had Cachlain under control and had convinced him that the adventurers were responsible for the attacks. As they battled Sovacles and Cachlain, the advisor revealed that he worked for Tiamat. Enraged at this news, Cachlain dropped the heroes and Sovacles into a gladiatorial arena below the throne room. Sovacles revealed his true form as a powerful shapeshifter and exarch of Tiamat.

Successful, the Fancy Bastards convinced Cachlain to form an unlikely alliance with the eladrin, who received the Seed of Winter as a token of the agreement. The heroes also found hints that the githyanki’s efforts on their world had suffered serious setbacks in recent weeks, and their forces were preparing to consolidate at their largest stronghold.



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