Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 12: A Tyranny of Souls

A few days before the Fancy Bastards’ showdown with Kada’ne, a githyanki envoy representing the Separatists presented himself before the Seven Shields Coalition to gauge their interests in forming a short-term alliance. The representative explained that not all githyanki are so eager to die for Tiamat, and many see their service to the dark goddess as slavery. The envoy invited the Coalition to send representatives to Citadel Mercane, where they can bargain on neutral ground, free from Tiamat’s ever-present eyes. Although the Coalition suspects a trap, the opportunity to weaken Tiamat’s armies is too good to pass up. The adventurers, who have proved capable allies, are chosen to serve as ambassadors and negotiate the terms on the Coalition’s behalf.

The heroes make the journey to Citadel Mercane, but they soon discover their contacts are missing or dead. Meeting up with a possible ally, a disguised raavasta, to help navigate the trade center, they learn the Separatists are active in Tu’narath and that they must travel there and contact them if they would get them to withdraw from the war.

In the githyanki city, the party learns the emperor is wise to their intent and has moved to capture and kill many Separatist leaders, plus he has traps in place for the adventurers. They eventually encounter a Separatist agent who informs them that Vlaakith CLVIII, their leader, was taken prisoner and is held at the Fortress of Three Sorrows. By freeing her, the Fancy Bastards can demonstrate their goodwill and also give the rebel faction renewed hope and drive to fight against Tiamat’s agents.

The heroes travel to the floating fortress, evade its defenses through the subtle application of deception, and finally fight their way to Vlaakith’s “cell.” There, they learn from an aspect of Dispater, who has come to steal back the soul inhabiting her body, that the legendary warrior Gith apparently possesses the young githyanki woman.

Once the party has freed her and restored Vlaakith to the Separatists, they engage in the negotiations for which they were sent. The Separatists agree to withdraw the githyanki from Tiamat’s war, but admit their promises are worthless as long as Zetch’r’r is in power. The githyanki ask the Bastards to infiltrate his palace (the Chromatic Bastion) defeat the usurper, and recover the Scepter of Ephelomon. Meanwhile, the Separatists will attack Tiamat’s garrisons and retake the city. During their preparations for the battle, however, Berechek Athabasca mysteriously disappeared while picking up last-minute supplies – a dark portent of things to come.

Early in their explorations of Zetch’r’r‘s fortress, the Bastards encountered the reanimated spine of Lich Queen Vlaakith CLVII. Hellbent on the destruction of a follower of Bahamut, the creature relentlessly attacked Rhogar until it was ultimately successful in entrapping his soul. When the party finally disposed of the spine, it destroyed Rhogar’s soul with its last burst of energy. Unaware of this, the party attempted to raise him from the dead only to find Zakiti Songsinger, an associate of the Separatists, in his place. Zakiti joined with the Fancy Bastards and helped lead them through the palace’s dangers.

Their adventure concluded in a deadly battle against the emperor and associate Vraxanault in his personal chambers, while battles raged in the skies above and in the city streets. The Bastards succeeded at freeing Tu’narath from Tiamat. The githyanki once more followed their own destinies, allying with the Coalition and making amends with the githzerai.



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