White Exarch of Tiamat


Chillreaver was a mighty two-headed white dragon and Exarch of Tiamat that originally laired in the lands north of the Winterbole Forest. There, he made the berserker barbarian tribes run in fear and fought the frost giant jarl to claim control over their clans.

Under the command of his Dark Queen, he set his four eyes on Nefelus, where he was tasked with bringing woe to the prosperous island nation. He soon acquired a means to allow him to accomplish his ruinous plans from the fomorian king Cachlain — an artifact known as the Seed of Winter. He was determined to make the most of his time with the artifact, and if he could, find a way to keep the Seed in service to his queen.

He had unlocked power in the Seed that none other could claim; his essence was in perfect concordance with the Seed’s wishes, and it fueled his desire for conquest and ruin upon those who seek warmth and comfort. Crippling Nefelus and bringing the chill of winter would allow the dragon to mount an attack on the island itself.


Chillreaver had a vicious, brutal mind. Above all, he reveled in the suffering of others at his command. He aspired to lay waste to lands and turn them into arctic deserts, to kill the warmth of the summer, and to turn joy into grief and loss. Chillreaver was, in many ways, the dark parts of winter personified.

The two-headed dragon also loved to subjugate others and would want nothing more than to rule over a continent of sentient creatures that he could endlessly and mercilessly exploit for his own cruel whims. He hoped to begin that dream with Nefelus.

For all his aspirations, Chillreaver was not without a practical side. He assembled a number of allies to his cause, promising to those he could not directly control a small claim to his anticipated massive resource gain. He valued strong, unwavering loyalty to him and his “Dark Queen’s” cause, and he reluctantly acknowledged those that aid his efforts. Of course, he was ultimately thinking about the long-term prospects of claiming his allies’ resources even as he prepared to support them in battle.


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