The Betrayer


Kas is one of the most powerful humanoids who is not a deity. He is a powerful vampire lord and is rumored to have defeated several lesser deities and primordials. He commands armies of living and undead followers, and is worshiped and revered by vampires and debased mortals.

Kas is known also as Kas the Betrayer and is the sworn enemy of Vecna. He was originally Vecna’s trusted lieutenant, but he betrayed Vecna in an effort to become a god in Vecna’s stead. Kas severed Vecna’s hand and eye, and though both survived the battle, each now seeks the other’s destruction.

Kas was once an evil paladin, and he still values some knightly principles. He is exceptionally proud and never forgets or forgives insults to him or his honor. Two artifacts are associated with Kas, the Sword of Kas and the Silver Mask of Kas. These items are no longer in his possession and now filter through the planes, corrupting those who are unfortunate enough to find them.

Kas regularly travels the planes, but he has two primary bases of operation. He commands a kingdom in the Shadowfell, where vampires rule over the living. Kas spends little time there, but he ensures that his vampire lords rule with an iron fist. This kingdom is tolerated by the Raven Queen, whom Kas has appeased by the sharing of information regarding Orcus and Vecna. Kas also spends time in a hidden dominion within the Astral Sea. The dominion is a realm of near total darkness with structures made from finely polished obsidian. Within this realm, the lakes and rivers flow with blood. Some of the prisoners from Kas’s kingdom within the Shadowfell are brought to the dominion as food for Kas and his allies who dwell there.

Kas learned relatively recently that his sword was in the domain of Monadhan, a demiplane connected to the Shadowfell. He traveled to the domain with a cadre of ritually-enhanced vampires, only to learn that the sword was in the possession of a powerful undead dragon. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before a powerful group of adventurers arrived in the domain. Kas made a deal with the Fancy Bastards, offering them the knowledge to destroy the dragon in exchange for the return of his sword. Unfortunately for Kas, the Fancy Bastards took a page from his own playbook, ultimately betraying him and using his sword to leave Monadhan.


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