Dragonborn Fighter 17


Rhogar was one of the original Fancy Bastards, having saved Brindol from the forces of the false Red Hand and undertaken the quest for the Rescue at Rivenroar. A devout follower of Bahamut, Rhogar became close friends with Amyria.

In his younger days, an uncle of Rhogar entreated him to take up the ancient war between Arkhosia and Bael Turath, persuading him to murder a tiefling. This resulted in his banishment from Clan Redbane and a great deal of shame. Eventually taking up the adventuring life, Rhogar never spoke of his shameful past. It eventually came to haunt him in the Temple Between, however, when he was confronted by fellow clanmembers Balasar Redbane and Medrash Redbane .

Eventually Rhogar met his match when he confronted the reanimated spine of Vlaakith CLVII. As a thrall of Tiamat, the undead abomination focused almost entirely on the dragonborn and eventually succeeded at absorbing his soul. Though his soul was apparently destroyed, a single yellow canary arrived a short time later and flew off with the gem that once contained his immortal essence.


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