Thief in training


Thurann was one of the seven prisoners in the Rescue at Rivenroar.

The 8-year-old son of Kartenix the guard captain, Thurann was found chained to a wall. Thurann is a brave, observant boy. Outwardly, he handled his ordeal better than many of the adults. He even stole food for Jalissa and himself. Since he reached Rivenroar, Thurann spent most of his time with Jalissa while keeping an eye out for his father. The hobgoblins brought Thurann downstairs at one point to threaten him in front of Zerriksa.

Thurann has some skills you wouldn’t expect the son of a watch captain to have. Despite his small size, he is exceptionally athletic and a competent thief. And while he can’t really fight, he’s brave when it comes to climbing or handling other hazards. The only thing that made Thurann upset was incontrovertible evidence that his father is dead, and he was distrustful of anyone who doubted that “my father said he’d figure out a way to escape and then come rescue me.”

Thurann accompanied Quiro to Overlook in the hopes of catching up with Karch Silvertongue. Karch had taken Thurann under his wing following the death of Thurann’s father, but then left Brindol without warning.

Thurann was later adopted by his aunt and uncle and moved to the town of Talar. The Fancy Bastards saved him there once again, when his uncle’s inn nearly burned down in the events of Beyond the Mottled Tower.


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