Githzerai comandeerer of the Conqueror


More pessimistic and morose than most githzerai, Tokk’it has never entirely fit in at Akma’ad. He is a loner at heart who has had trouble focusing his mind and purging it of chaotic emotions. He seldom commands respect, and his peers have difficulty socializing with him since he has imperfectly integrated himself into the community. Even Gallia, the githzerai woman he loved and who left him several months before the Haven of the Bitter Glass, has acknowledged his imperfection of soul. (Tokk’it did not realize that Gallia left him because she was possessed by a githyanki, and is now a spy with no hope of regaining her original personality.)

Akma’ad was playing host to some of the most important political and religious leaders of the githzerai, and Tokk’it’s Abbot did not want him embarrassing the monastery with his disordered thinking. As a result, Tokk’it was on a fasting vigil outside of the fortress when the githyanki swooped in to attack.

Tokk’it followed the best strategy he could conceive of: He waited until a githyanki war galleon landed and disgorged its troops, snuck on board, and slew the pilot. He then stole the ship.

Realizing too late whatwas happening, the githyanki attacked it as it departed, but Tokk’it had the element of surprise and a githyanki galleon that was slightly faster than the githyanki’s red dragon troops. The ship was badly damaged by the vengeful githyanki as it fled, but Tokk’it managed to outdistance them and escape. He aimed the ship toward the strongest potential ally nearby, the city of Overlook, home of combatants with experience fighting githyanki. But he did this knowing that githyanki dragon troops were certainly chasing him.

When he arrived, he wondered if he should have piloted the ship to the city of Sayre instead, even though it was farther away. Overlook had clearly been attacked recently and may not have any troops that were willing to help. He was determined to do his duty and try, however. Perhaps he would distinguish himself in this matter and find his place. Perhaps his attempt to be heroic would return Gallia to him.

Tokk’it’s manner was stiff and formal, as he is uncomfortable asking for help from outsiders. His first move was to ask for “those who defended this city, the Overlook, from General Zithiruun.” When the adventurers identified themselves, Tokk’it looked at them suspiciously, refusing to believe that so few could have made such an impact. A little tact was sufficient to convince him, however.

When the heroes assured Tokk’it of their authenticity, in his halting manner he explained his situation and asked for immediate help to return with him. Still in some disbelief that the Fancy Bastards could have accomplished so much, he initially insisted on more troops from Overlook. Captain Dauralis, silent until this point, leaned over to Rhogar and said that she knew the council would not approve such a move in the wake of the attack on Overlook.


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