Divian Torrance

Governor of Sayre, Leader of the Coalition


The ruler of Sayre, elected by a fellowship of scholars and merchants, is a potent and skilled politician. His goal, first and foremost, is to see that his city comes out ahead in the war. He’s not willing to side with the githyanki invaders, but his goal is to lead the Seven Shields Coalition so that his small city is given due representation. He knows that Sayre’s leadership wouldn’t have been consulted if not for the good fortune of hosting the first meeting and the absence of a representative from Nefelus, Amyria’s first choice to host the meeting. But he plans to make the most of the opportunity and makes it clear at every opportunity how relevant and important Sayre is to the coming conflicts. Lord Torrance can be wooed if he firmly believes Sayre will continue to be an important player. He is opposed to any plan that deals with bringing Nefelus into the Coalition, although he won’t openly say so. He’s worried that if Nefelus brings their magical expertise and knowledge to the Coalition, Sayre’s position as a center of knowledge will be dramatically weakened.

A brilliant half-elven politician, Torrance keeps the city safe by circumventing or misdirecting any true threat before it can even manifest. Lord Torrance is an elected official, brought to power by powerful merchants and scholars who don’t have political ambitions, but want to be free to conduct their business with minimal government interference. This arrangement has worked surprisingly well, as most merchants police their own organizations to prevent criminal or underhanded dealings from disturbing the peace of Sayre. The Lord suspects that Telicanthus is more than he seems, but he also suspects that Telicanthus’s presence in the city is keeping it safe from attacks. That’s not something he wants to risk without good cause. Telicanthus is too important politically and socially for the Lord to accuse of a crime unless he has incontrovertible proof.

When the Fancy Bastards encountered Divian at Telicanthus’s Tea Party, the characters had already met him – at the meeting of the Seven Shields Coalition. Telicanthus was unaware of this. For his part, Divian acted ignorant of the characters, not wanting to tip his hand to Telicanthus.

The politically savvy Lord Divian Torrance maneuvered to become the head of the Seven Shields Coalition. Shortly before the heroes finished their battles to save Nefelus, Torrance went missing. Githyanki from Garaitha’s Anvil claimed he came to them as a representative of the council, seeking a diplomatic compromise to prevent further bloodshed. Seeing this as an affront and a threat, they killed Torrance for his arrogance.

Divian Torrance

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