Vlaakith CLVIII

Leader of the Separatists


The githyanki heralded as the 158th Vlaakith is known to the Fancy Bastards to be the soul of the ancient warrior Gith, having possessed a young githyanki girl’s body. Gith’s soul was released from imprisonment in the Nine Hells after Zetch’r’r abandoned the Eternal Crusade, voiding the pact between the githyanki and the red dragons. After her return to Tu’narath, she claimed herself to be the new Vlaakith and eventually spearheaded the Separatist movement. She was eventually captured by Zetch’r’r’s forces, and imprisoned in the Fortress of Three Sorrows.

When Gith escaped the Nine Hells, Dispater was none too pleased. The archdevil dispatched his aspect and bodyguards to Tu’narath to see what had happened and there discovered what was unfolding in the city. The aspect knew Gith would not give up her people, so Dispater spent several weeks searching for her. The appearance of another Vlaakith was too obvious given that her predecessor had no heirs, so the aspect traveled to the Fortress of Three Sorrows to “interview” the prisoner and confirm his suspicions.

The Fancy Bastards dispatched Dispater’s forces, and released “Vlaakith” from her imprisonment. Returned to her people once more, Vlaakith negotiated with the adventurers and granted the mortal world a 1000-year reprieve from githyanki aggression as well as a short-term alliance with the Seven Shields Coalition.


Vlaakith CLVIII

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