Emperor of the Githyanki


Zetch’r’r was a member of the Sha’sal Khou, a sect of gith that hoped to reunite the githzerai and the githyanki into one people and continue the Eternal Crusade as Gith had intended. Using mercenaries hired from the mortal world, he orchestrated the assassination of Vlaakith CLVII. All was to have changed with Vlaakith’s assassination, but the vacuum she created plunged the city into turmoil, with military commanders and pretenders all vying for her throne. When Zetch’r’r emerged to right its course, though, it would lead the githyanki into greater darkness in Tiamat’s thrall.

The githyanki have never knelt to a god, but desperate times demand desperate actions. The Lich-Queen’s death threatened to tear Tu’narath apart, and the githyanki were no closer to correcting their course. Zetch’r’r had a strong claim to the throne, but his radical views and his involvement in Vlaakith’s death made him unpopular with the conservative factions. While he argued and fought, less worthy ascendants each put forward their own claims.

Zetch’r’r lacked sufficient strength to take the city by force, but each day he delayed, the damage and violence escalated. Like Gith so long ago, Zetch’r’r turned to Tiamat for aid. The dark goddess, with plans of her own, proved a willing ally. She had long coveted greater influence over the githyanki, but she saw the ancient pact as an obstacle. She offered to help, promising to give Zetch’r’r full control over the dragons in the city in exchange for his unswerving loyalty and fealty. Zetch’r’r knelt, and his rise to power was assured.

Bolstered by red dragons, dragonspawn, and devil mercenaries, Zetch’r’r dashed his enemies and crushed all opposition in a single week. Amid the ruins of Vlaakith’s old palace, Tiamat’s dark priests crowned Zetch’r’r emperor and the new tyrant declared his bold plans for his people, including a renewed commitment to the crusade against the mind flayers and a new peace with their estranged kin, the githzerai. His promises amounted to little, for Tiamat had other plans.

The Dark Lady needed soldiers for her armies, weapons for her troops, and a base to launch new attacks against her enemies. Tu’narath provided all these things. Zetch’r’r’s goals stood in Tiamat’s way, and so, by her decree, the githyanki would abandon their campaign against the mind flayers and refocus their efforts to combat Tiamat’s foes. Zetch’r’r had no choice but to accept his mistress’s commands, and thus was Tu’narath’s new course set.

What neither Tiamat nor Zetch’r’r realized was that by abandoning the Eternal Crusade, they rendered the ancient compact between the githyanki and the red dragons void. Without the pact, Gith, whose soul long-languished in Dispater’s cells in the Nine Hells, was free to find the oblivion long-owed her in the Shadowfell, but this ancient hero was not finished yet.

Zetch’r’r ultimately met his demise in a showdown with the Fancy Bastards, putting an end to the githyanki opposition in the war against Tiamat.



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