Celestia, the Radiant Throne, is a wholesome and virtuous plane, a realm of seven magnificent mountains whose peaks shine with inner light. This plane is home to Bahamut, Kord, and Moradin, and the three deities combine their power to combat evil. Moradin is the first of equals and both Bahamut and Kord accede to his wishes.

The plane consists of a range of seven peaks, about 120 miles long and wide. Each mount climbs some 10 miles up to blue skies above. The plane exerts normal gravity, and the deities can control their environs.

Celestia’s seven peaks are as follows:

  1. Venya, also known as Snowbeard, the rampart peak. home to Kord and his warrior retinue.
  2. Solania, the clouded peak also called the Rainfather, where Moradin keeps his forge.
  3. Mertion, the dragon aerie, where Bahamut holds sway.
  4. Jusor, the least steep of the seven mountains, ascended by way of wide slopes that function as giant ramps. Home of Empyron, the City of Healing.
  5. Fulghen, a rough and dangerous mountain of knifeedged ridges and crevasses, regularly climbed by those who want to swear great oaths upon its summit.
  6. Perantia, riddled by ever-shifting caverns and underground rivers that break onto the surface to form ice cascades.
  7. Chronias, the final pilgrimage site for Celestia’s exalted and keeper of the final mysteries, and the location of the Bridge of al-Sihal.

Radiance Affinity: Creatures gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls using radiant powers. Creatures deal only half damage with attacks using necrotic damage (though ongoing necrotic damage is unaffected).

Current Developments: Bahamut’s death drew Kord and Moradin from their respective realms to respond to Tiamat’s machinations. Both gods left their dominion and council with other gods to determine how they should respond to deicide. The state of Kord’s halls is unknown, but Moradin left an aspect to oversee his forge behind Rainfather’s Beard.


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