Forest of Twisted Souls

The Twisted Forest is the warped remnant of a forest that stood about the Mantled Citadel before Irfelujhar moved his lair to Vaerothim. The many spirits of nature that should dwell in the forest have disappeared. It is unclear whether they were destroyed or are imprisoned elsewhere. In their place, haunted spirits of sentient creatures inhabit the trees. The strongest of these spirits bestow strange powers to the trees they possess.

The Fancy Bastards had to traverse this bleak, depressing woodland to reach the Mantled Citadel. The woods are strangely monochromatic. The skeletal, leafless trees are misshapen and twisted. Gnarled roots rear from the ground like great, petrified serpents. The trees’ gaunt, rotten boughs are shrouded in damp, noisome moss. They twist skyward to form a dense canopy of decaying branches through which only dim light seeps.

Nothing stirs within the pervasive gloom. The trees seem to recoil from the heroes’ light sources as if the light holds some power over them. Wind from an unknowable source rattles though the trees. Perceptive characters hear words upon the breeze. These are snatches of arcane power, fragments of rituals cast away by the lich Irfelujhar when he abandoned Vecna. Creatures encountering them can gain access to various minor effects if a fragment is successfully activated.

Nothing natural lives in the forest. Several groups of undead roam the area, and a small group of Vecna’s minions were trapped here when Irfelujhar moved his tower.

Forest of Twisted Souls

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