getBurstNames() Function

Gets a list containing the names of tokens within a burst formation of the current token. (The function also pings the GM every time it’s used, so don’t try any covert surveillance. :) )


list = getBurstNames(burstsize)
list = getBurstNames(burstsize, filter)


list – a comma-delimited string list containing the names within the burst
burstsize – an integer representing the size of the burst (e.g. 3 for Close Burst 3)
filter (optional) – a string representing the type of filter you want to apply. Can be “allies”, “enemies”, or “all” (quotes included). Default is “all”.


Skeleton code for attacking all enemies in a close burst 5:

[h: names = getBurstNames(5, "enemies")]
[foreach(name, names, "<br>"), CODE:
Attacking [name]: [1d20]
<br>Damage: [1d6]


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