Constructed from Chillreaver’s will and the power of the Seed of Winter, Icehome was the epicenter of Nefelus’s climate changes and the white dragon’s lair. It continued to grow, and a floating ice bridge miles long connected it to the ice ring off the coast of Nefelus.

Only two entrances led into Icehome; either through the mountainous calderalike opening at the top of the iceberg (which the dragon, ice gargoyles, and frost giants used), or the undersea entrance that the arctic sahuagin used.

Icehome was formed only recently before the Alliance at Nefelus, and the bottom levels of the iceberg lair were still in a rough state. Chillreaver concentrated most of his recent energy on creating the ice ring blockade that surrounded Nefelus and hadn’t had the opportunity to refine the under-dwellings.

Icehome consisted of three levels. On the lowest level, the arctic sahuagin baron Xurgelmek and an eye of frost beholder maintained order among the other arctic sahuagin and their pets. This level was also just below the surface of the sea, and the entrance to Icehome was underwater. This level was connected to the second level by a shaft that the beholder commonly used to give reports on the sahuagin to the frost giants.

Frost giants ruled the second level of Icehome; in particular, a frost giant ice shaper named Nara of the Wastes headed up the forces. In addition, Chillreaver designated this level as the place to keep prisoners, since the frost giants were better organized and less prone to outright savagery than the sahuagin. An ice bridge led directly up to the third level.

The top level was Chillreaver’s lair and was the most refined of the three levels. Chillreaver had begun the process of shaping the ice into a grand fortress for himself, and his ice gargoyle creations waited patiently for his instructions in the entry hall. The dragon’s main chamber was where he kept the Seed of Winter, and he attended to it regularly, guiding its power with his will. In Chillreaver’s treasure room, a shaft led out the top of Icehome, through the caldera.


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