Iliyoru is the githyanki vessel commandeered by the Fancy Bastards while in the pursuit of Admiral Kada’ne. The name “Iliyoru” translates from Deep Speech as “White Blade”.

Iliyoru is an astral strike ship, similar in design to an astral skiff but larger and built for war. It features a hull reinforced with protective magic and an open deck that can be sealed behind protective plates for long-distance travel across the Astral Sea. The craft also possesses spell turrets and force ballistas for use in ship-to-ship combat.


Four of the six turrets on Iliyoru are designed to allow spellcasters to channel magical attacks against other ships and airborne combatants. A character in a spell turret can use the turret to direct any nonweapon ranged or area arcane or divine attack power.

A character directing a power through a spell turret uses his or her own attack modifier and deals damage as normal. However, a power directed through a spell turret cannot be used with an implement. The magic of a spell turret doubles the range of arcane and divine powers, and allows powers to target inanimate objects even if they normally cannot do so. Characters attacking airborne creatures through a spell turret can make use of any of a power’s effects. Powers that create effects in addition to hit point damage can be used against a ship, but the ship ignores such effects (including ongoing damage).

Attacks that deal damage throughout an area (typically attacks that target all creatures in a burst) strike more than 1 square when used against a ship, dealing additional damage as follows: burst 1 or 2, 2 damage; burst 3 or 4, 3 damage; burst 5 or larger, 5 damage. Attacks that can target multiple characters function only as a single attack when directed through a spell turret.

Characters who do not have arcane or divine powers can make use of two force ballista turrets on the strike ship.


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