Seven Shields Coalition

The Seven Shields Coalition was formed during the events of the Haven of the Bitter Glass as a response to the growing githyanki threat.

The first meeting of the Coalition was extremely productive. The Coalition voted to transfer control of military units under command of Coalition members to the Coalition council, selecting Kalad to serve as General. They appointed Divian Torrance as the leader of the Coalition. They agreed to pursue the threat represented by Amyria’s dream. They agreed to give the Coalition a name, and approved the “Seven Shields” moniker suggested by Karch Silvertongue. And finally, they ultimately agreed to pursue investigation into the githyanki Telicanthus, selecting Amyria to head the investigation.

The Coalition held an emergency war council during the events of Garaithas Anvil, but ultimately decided not to pursue aggressive military action against the githyanki. Believing this to be a poor decision, the Fancy Bastards ignored the wishes of the Council and led the Hundred into battle.

Sitting Members

Former Members

  • Kalad – Elsir Vale – deceased, former Coalition General
  • Lord Divian TorranceSayre – deceased, former Coalition leader
  • AmyriaSayre – deceased, former Coalition leader

Seven Shields Coalition

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