Sovereign Gate

The power of the Sovereign Gate is built on that of the epic True Portal ritual — magic that creates a teleportation circle capable of carrying creatures to any destination. However, the power of the Sovereign Gate is permanent and even more far-reaching.

The pulsing haze of white light that fills this chamber is a weave of planar energy and arcane power that taps into the mind of any creature standing within it. Any place you can name or describe, any location you have ever visited or seen, any site you can remember and summon to mind — the Sovereign Gate will take you there.

The Sovereign Gate has no sigil sequence to mark its planar location. Rather, the flow of planar energy coursing through the Well of Worlds is indelibly marked upon the mind and spirit of each creature that passes through it. Only those who have first been taken through the Sovereign Gate by another creature or who have reached the site through one of the World Gates can transit there. Moreover, the portal holds a permanent record of every location it has ever been used to access — the coordinates of uncountable locations across the planes locked within the pulsing white of its walls.

The Sovereign Gate is a more powerful version of the portal created by the True Portal ritual. It functions only for full-blooded githyanki or creatures bearing the whitefire mark. Using the Sovereign Gate as the source or destination for any portal ritual negates the need for reagents and grants the user a +10 bonus to the Arcana check for the ritual.

Using the Sovereign Gate to transit to a location not marked by a teleportation circle requires a DC 25 Arcana check. A character can make this check only once per hour. The check result determines the portal’s duration.

Arcana Check Result Portal Duration
20–29 1 round
30–39 3 rounds
40 or higher 5 rounds

The Sovereign Gate sets its destination according to the will of a single character who steps within it and makes the Arcana check. If two or more characters attempt to control the portal at the same time, all make opposed Arcana checks. The character with the highest check controls the portal (assuming the check result was 20 or higher), and all creatures within the teleportation circle go to that character’s chosen destination.

A nonportal destination can be seen within the Sovereign Gate as a hazy image, just as with a normal portal ritual. However, creatures at the destination cannot see the Sovereign Gate. Creatures stepping through the Sovereign Gate simply appear as if from nowhere at their destination.

Sovereign Gate

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