Tea Party

For his invitation to tea, Telicanthus sent a carriage to pick up the Fancy Bastards at their inn in the early afternoon, after their meeting with the Seven Shields Coalition. The carriage arrived at Telicanthus’s mansion on Prospect Hill at exactly the proper time. Telicanthus himself came out to warmly greet his guests. Telicanthus invited the heroes into his home and ushered them into the tea room, where he introduced them to the other guests.

Telicanthus’s home is beautiful. It is tastefully decorated with the finest art that comes out of Sayre’s robust artistic community. Paintings of local nature and city scenes hang on the walls next to beautiful tapestries; his porcelain and dishware are exquisitely crafted, and his food the finest available. Superb stained glass fills many of his windows, most of which he modestly claimed that he crafted himself. Exceptionally talented musicians behind screens played light background music that invariably delighted the guests. Even the air smelled nice, scented by exotic perfumes that Telicanthus buys in the Glassworks. Everything about his residence denoted taste and class.

The Fancy Bastards, of course, use the tea party as an opportunity to investigate beneath Telicanthus’s mansion. It was during this investigation that they discovered the Bitter Glass.

Party Guests

Tea Party

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