Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 18: Last Breath of the Dragon Queen

The adventurers meet Bahamut in his Birdman guise. Bahamut explains that Tiamat’s dragon allies are deserting her, driven by cowardice, fear of Tiamat’s temper, and greed for the treasures in Tiamat’s domain. While Bahamut’s army has achieved a great victory, it is in no shape to march on Tytherion itself. The characters are, Bahamut explains, capable of killing Tiamat once and for all if they can get to her lair before she has a chance to regroup and gather her allies around her. Furthermore, Bahamut gives them instructions for meeting Berath, the ghost of a paladin who once sought to slay Tiamat. And a mysterious agent of Zehir meets the characters and gives them a password that a spy near Tiamat’s lair will ask for.

Bahamut gives the heroes a powerful gift and transports them to Tytherion. There the characters see Tiamat’s forces fleeing, fighting among each other, and looting their own fortress. After a brief battle, they meet Berath, who guides them through the Caverns of Fiery Splendor. Just before they enter, they meet Theel, one of Zehir’s spies in the Caverns. Theel takes the characters to the Fountain Chamber, where they can see Tiamat’s shadow far above them. They learn she’s sequestered herself on the floating platform and is using scrying rituals to threaten and cajole her far-flung supporters. The characters quickly discover that a potent array of disintegrator beams and warding magic prevents intruders from simply flying or teleporting up to the Dragon Queen. Each of the five disintegrators, Theel explains, is linked to an ancient dragon in a nearby cavern. Five caverns, five dragons — defeat them and the heroes don’t need to worry about the five disintegrators.

As the characters enter the five dragons’ chambers, they learn that each of the ancient dragons is a brood mother carrying Tiamat’s eggs in a forced breeding effort that has so far failed. For all her power, Tiamat is unique among dragonkind and cannot lay eggs herself. The characters defeat each brood mother in turn, rendering the disintegrators useless.

Then, it’s a battle royale with Tiamat: a no-holds-barred battle with a full-fledged deity. The Fancy Bastards win, and Bahamut arrives and shows them the world utterly transformed by their actions: a world free from the greed and envy that Tiamat upheld. At that point, the heroes move on to their individual epic destinies. Markas went on to become a master and teacher of arcane learnings, his very intelligence eventually infusing the Magic Missile spell. Zakiti Songsinger expanded his telepathic abilities until he was able to contact all shardminds across all planes of existence, uniting them to reform the Living Gate. Sirkana Embersight made final arrangements for her sister’s well-being, eventually burning brightly from within until she became a red star in the sky. Karch Silvertongue, as both disciple and master of the Sword of Kas, began to turn his eye upon all those who would take too much power for themselves – including his former allies. They would be celebrated in song and tale throughout perpetuity.



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