Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 5: Den of the Destroyer

In the aftermath of the Rescue at Rivenroar, the Fancy Bastards recovered not only the kidnapped inhabitants of Brindol but also several relics of great historical value to the inhabitants of Elsir Vale. Among these was a ceremonial platinum sword. Though the folk of the vale had no knowledge of the sword being magic, it contained a primal essence that had been reawakened by Fangren’s powerful rituals.

The heroes were in the city of Overlook, returning and resting up from their adventures in the Lost Mines of Karak. Duron Flamebeard was called away for other responsibilities to his church, but the Fancy Bastards were fortunate to find a new cleric of Moradin: Berechek Athabasca. The new party learned that a messenger had recently arrived from Brindol, desperately seeking them.

On further investigation, they discovered that this messenger had been captured by a band of Lost Ones, the powerful thieving guild the Fancy Bastards faced off against in Shadow Rift of Umbraforge. After rescuing the messenger, the players were beseeched to return to Brindol.

Arriving in the town, the heroes headed to the Hall of Great Valor and spoke with the curator Sertanian, then with the sword itself. Identifying itself as Amyria, the sword charged the party with a mission: travel to an abandoned githzerai fortress now occupied by savage gnoll mercenaries, then perform a ritual to transform the sword into its true form. Even as the heroes were weighing their next move, bounty hunters from Overlook attacked the museum, wrecking the place as they targeted the party on behalf of an unknown patron.

With the sword in their possession, the Fancy Bastards traveled to the githzerai fortress. However, the arduous journey was made more dangerous by another bounty hunter — the elf Gilgathorn, who knew that Sarshan was the one who had put a price on the heroes’ heads. They arrived at the monastery and fought their way through its gnoll defenders, with Gilgathorn waiting for an opportune moment to take revenge on Karch Silvertongue, his former associate.

In the end, the Fancy Bastards found the ritual chamber and faced off against Fangren. The energy conduit to the Elemental Chaos had been opened, the shaman channeling the power of Yeenoghu against the heroes. After defeating Fangren, the heroes performed the ritual that transformed the spirit of Amyria into its true form — a mysterious young woman who comes to play a central role in the events the Fancy Bastards are caught up in.



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