Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 15: Legacy of Io

Amyria, driven by the visions that began shortly after Bahamut’s destruction, approached the Fancy Bastards and begged their assistance in recovering an artifact. At her urging, they traveled to the astral city of Hestavar to seek out whatever knowledge of the artifact’s location they could discover. Upon arriving in the domain, however, the heroes come under attack by draconic forces seemingly loyal to Bahamut.

After fending off the assault, the heroes made their way to the great libraries of the Swan Tower, home to the goddess of knowledge, Ioun. At possibly the greatest collection of divine lore and scholarship that exists, they searched for information on the bizarre visions tormenting Amyria. They discovered that the artifact they sought is known as the Arrow of Fate and that it was hidden within Hestavar. Four mystical seals conceal the artifact; each is guarded in turn by forces loyal to the gods and dedicated to preventing anyone and anything from tampering with their ward.

Before the heroes could neutralize the seal dedicated to Ioun, they were forced to scour the city for the entrance to its hidden resting place in the Sealed Library. Once they gained entry to the Sealed Library, they had to fight their way through the scholarly defenders to undo the seal.

To open the seal dedicated to Pelor, the heroes needed to fight their way through the angelic guardians of the Dawnbell Bastion to sunder the bell in which the seal had been bound and that gave the small fortification its name. The selfless defenders seemed unaware of the nature of the bell (and would not be moved even if they knew), and they resisted violently any attempts to trespass or tamper with the rightful property of their master. Resting after the battle, a mysterious package was discovered at their safe house by Zakiti Songsinger with the instructions to take great care upon opening it. Zakiti opted to carry the package for the time.

When the heroes make their way onto Methion, the mercantile district where Erathis’s seal is located, they are ambushed by a band of celestial dragonkin, this time augmented by forces from the Nine Hells. After dealing with the seemingly random attack, the characters head to the spacious market square where the goddess placed her seal. Before destroying it, the heroes must overcome Erathis’s faithful who patrol the square and the guardians summoned by the disturbance of the seal itself.

To open the final seal and claim the Arrow of Fate, the characters must head into the eye of the storm that rages over the rough and tumble island district known as the Salts. There they faced not another servant of the gods but a powerful titan. With its destruction, the final seal is undone and the Arrow is revealed. Unfortunately for the heroes, the titan’s passing also removes the force holding the churning sea at bay and it comes crashing back to fill the void.

After narrowly flying their way out of the collapsing vortex, Zakiti found the mysterious package in his possession buzzing with energy. He opened it to discover that it is a phylactery – only moments before it absorbed him, Markas, and Rhyd’ley inside of it. Fighting their way through the phylactery’s guards, the heroes ultimately faced a showdown with its owner: Irfelujhar. They succeeded at overcoming the phylactery’s magical defenses and destroyed the portion of Irfelujhar that remained inside, killing him once and for all.

When the heroes finally return to shore, they find themselves betrayed by an ally and forced into a desperate battle to retain possession of the prize on which so much depends. They succeed and make preparations to return to Sayre, only to find that Fate has something else in mind.



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