Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 17: Test of Fire

Bahamut has been restored to life by the sacrifice of Amyria, and Tiamat’s plans to break the power of the fallen god have been dealt a crippling blow.

The characters had returned to Sayre to rest, recuperate, and mourn Amyria’s sacrifice. From there, they were summoned to Bahamut’s side in the Crystal Tear, an astral dominion from which Bahamut directs his reenergized forces. The Platinum Dragon lays out the scope of Tiamat’s failure and her dark hope to turn this near-defeat into victory.

The City of Brass is Tiamat’s last stronghold in the planes. It is held by arrangement with Bashumgarda, Lord of Efreets. Bahamut’s force has the city surrounded but cannot break in. Tiamat’s remaining legions are attempting to return to the Elemental Chaos to attack Bahamut’s force. The full brunt of Tiamat’s armies, energized with elemental power, will be too much for Bahamut’s army to withstand.

Bahamut enlists the Fancy Bastards to infiltrate the City of Brass by way of a secret portal hidden deep in the Keening Delve. This legendary and deadly warren of caverns and ruined chambers is set within the basalt plate on which the City of Brass is built.

After entering the city, the heroes meet with Estumishu, an efreet noble who represents factions seeking to overthrow Bashumgarda because of his foul alliance with the Dragon Queen. Estumishu offers his allegiance only if the characters find and kill Bashumgarda — a deadly quest that requires the heroes to undertake a dangerous pilgrimage across a city under siege.

Using their might and strength of wit, the Fancy Bastards cleverly navigated the city and laid waste to the Lord of Efreets. After slaying Bashumgarda, the adventurers dropped the magical wards which protected the city and prevented Bahamut’s forces from attacking. They learned they needed to continue to the Eternal Flame Pavilion and face off against the protectors of the shrine of the Fire Lord Imix, which has been corrupted by Tiamat’s foul rituals so as to grant power to the Dragon Queen’s servants.

Then the unthinkable happens. The reborn Bahamut, fighting Tiamat’s blue exarch Namissi, is struck down in a titanic battle that shatters the great Charcoal Palace. Only the heroes stand against the blue exarch in the end, emerging victorious and driving Tiamat’s forces from the City of Brass.



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