Fancy Bastard Scales of War

Chapter 16: Those Once Loyal

The Arrow of Fate recovered while investigating the Legacy of Io points to Celestia as the place to restore Bahamut to life. The visions assailing Amyria are beginning to weaken her, however, and if not stopped, may very well kill her. Using her spelljammer, the adventurers travel to Empyron to seek clues about how they might resurrect the fallen god and also to cure the deva. Once there, Dakranad’s agents strike the city of healing. While battling the dragons and angels, infernal assassins slip behind the characters to kidnap Amyria and bring her back to their master. They were thwarted by the heroic efforts of the Fancy Bastards, who fought both enemies in an epic two-fronted battle.

The heroes learned Amyria is in fact the vessel and key to Bahamut’s recovery. An old ally, Kalad, whose soul was spared and transformed into an exalted, pointed to Torzak-Belgirn to find answers to their questions. The dragon attack pointed to Dakranad, the mithral dragon who has decreed himself heir to Bahamut’s throne and most likely lairs there. The heroes had two choices. They could go to the Platinum Dragon’s redoubt or they could push on to Moradin’s Forge via Torzak-Belgirn.

Turning to Moradin’s Forge, the heroes found only enemies. With the god’s forces arrayed against them, the adventurers pushed their way through the defenders to reach the Soulforge, where they hoped to secure a creation spark. The aspect of Moradin awaited them there, and the heroes learned the divine avatar was turned against them by their enemy. They convinced him of their righteous purpose and secured the creation spark, learning the mithral dragon was ahead of them again and racing to the Bridge of al-Sihal to complete his own apotheosis.

Meanwhile, at Bahamut’s Palace, a githzerai warrior known as Adaka found the stronghold empty and the Halls of Reflection overrun by devils. Battling through the defenders, he learned more of Dakranad’s plot, Dispater’s agenda, and how Bahamut planned for his death all along. He raced to the Bridge of al-Sihal to try and prevent Dakranad from taking action.

The adventure concluded with a race across Celestia, the heroes working to cut off the dragon before he could cross into the golden radiance at the bridge’s end and claim Bahamut’s power for himself. The final scene saw the adventurers embroiled in battles against Dakranad and the archangel guardian who protected the holy bridge. The Fancy Bastards – now six strong again with the addition of Adaka – proved successful. Amyria, who deep down had known the truth all along, found the courage to carry the creation spark into the light and assumed the mantle thrust upon her.



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