Githzerai leader


One of the leaders of the fractious githzerai of Sayre, Aziff urges patience and caution. She is convinced that the locals’ distrust toward the githzerai are temporary. She has lived in Sayre for many years, and the recent change in public opinion about the city’s githzerai citizens has distressed her a great deal (although she doesn’t reveal anything but a stoic demeanor openly). Aziff has the backing of the other local githzerai as well as Amyria.

This younger, female githzerai has grown quite close to Amyria in the short time she has known her. She has lived in Sayre for a while and remembered a time when githzerai were not treated so poorly. While she didn’t have much of a voice in the proceedings, she represented a large enough faction of local githzerai that Gal’ott was forced to recognize her.

The Fancy Bastards ultimately threw their support behind Aziff, and the united githzerai in turn supported the heroes in their efforts to piece together the Seven Shields Coalition.


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