Deva mage, Sixth Thraxus of Nefelus and Keeper of the Mirrors, Member of the Coalition


Bejam is a male deva commonly dressed in a shimmering blue-violet robe with small platinum wings adorning his back. Bejam is remarkable for his unusually deep voice. He is a strong believer in protocol, and – like all Thraxi – an expert in arcane knowledge. He was Amyria’s contact in Nefelus, and he was the one that gave the Fancy Bastards the quest to Icehome.

When the heroes succeeded in defeating the Chillreaver’s plans, they were able to persuade Bejam to join the Seven Shields Coalition as the envoy from Nefelus.

Bejam rejoined the Fancy Bastards at the Fane of Chanhiir, where he deciphered the workings of the World Gate and bestowed the whitefire mark upon the party.


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