The Birdman


In holding cells within the fortress on the Karak Lode, the Fancy Bastards found an aged human male, his lined face sporting a snow-white beard to match his fringe of hair. He wore the garb of a simple desert peasant, and appeared to have not been there long. Seven yellow canaries perched on his shoulders and hopped around his cell. The Birdman whistled and chirped at his tiny charges.

When spoken to, he simply nodded and smiled. The prisoner offered no resistance and allowed himself to be led about by the heroes. The Birdman wandered those areas of the fortress already cleared out, hiding from subsequent combat. He accepted food and water, smiling when spoken to but otherwise ignoring the party.

The Birdman mysteriously disappeared while the party was sleeping in the fortress. The trail of feathers led outside, where a vicious sandstorm had been raging. No further sign of the Birdman was found.

Years later, the Fancy Bastards would discover that the Birdman was in fact an aspect of the dragon god Bahamut. The yellow canaries surrounding the old man were, in turn, the avatars of the seven gold wyrms that were Bahamut’s closest consorts and protectors.

The Birdman

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