Bram Ironfell

Member of the Elsir Consortium, Scion of Clan Ironfell


Bram was a member of the powerful merchant group known as the Elsir Consortium in Overlook. He commissioned the Fancy Bastards to recover the Karak Lode, a lost possession of Clan Ironfell.

Since the Fancy Bastards met him in the Lost Mines of Karak, the dwarf Bram Ironfell went from being a secret agent of Sarshan to serving as an ambassador on behalf of the githyanki. When they met him in Cachlain’s palace, the heroes realized that the dwarf has made a power grab among the githyanki forces and had been rewarded for treachery against the people of his homeland.

The more the party talked to him, the more they realized that he had some regrets about his decision. He acted harried and fearful. The heroes had a chance to talk with him at length during the ambassador’s banquet. He wasn’t willing to talk about what he had done to achieve his place in the githyanki hierarchy, nor the ways he betrayed the people of the Elsir Vale (more out of shame than secrecy). However, he didn’t mind talking about the githyanki and what he has learned about them. The heroes pried some information out of him:

  • Bram deserted the people of the Elsir Vale because he was certain they were going to lose the war, and it was better to survive by joining the enemy than to die with the others. He’s surprised at the Fancy Bastards’ success fighting off the githyanki and their allies.
  • Vlaakith CLVII, the Lich Queen, who once led the githyanki, has been slain. They’re now lead by Emperor Zetch’r’r, who seeks to bring war and conquest across the planes.
  • The githyanki are merciless and destructive, and they leave nothing behind in realms they conquer. After sacking the entire land and destroying everything they find, they leave nothing but a barren wasteland.

After being betrayed by his bodyguards, Bram is in a tough position. The githyanki are finished with his services, the Seven Shields Coalition won’t welcome him back, and Cachlain doesn’t want him around if he’s not a useful diplomat. If he’s set loose on his own, the githyanki will probably kill him, and if he’s taken back to the world, the Coalition might execute him for treason. The future’s not bright for Bram Ironfell.

Bram Ironfell

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