The Stone-Skinned King


Gruff and easily distracted, Cachlain is a difficult person with whom to converse. He lets his advisor lead the discussion and interjects only when he’s annoyed with the proceedings. He rarely asks questions, and when he does they’re either insulting or inspired by his deep, unrelenting paranoia.

Cachlain ascended to the throne after he killed his father, and his realm has been steadily growing in size until it stagnated in recent years. He blames this on Sangwyr and Inzira’s followers equally. The Seed of Winter was one of his most prized possessions, and he lent it to the forces invading Nefelus only under great duress. Sovacles forced Cachlain to do things he’d rather not have, and a crack in the advisor’s control let the Stone-Skinned King come to his senses, such as they are.

Though paranoid and cruel, Cachlain is less reprehensible than other fomorian rulers. Cachlain captures slaves to work in his halls or fight in the arena, but isn’t as cruel to them as other fomorians. He has even set slaves free in the past, though he stopped that practice after other fomorians saw it as a sign of weakness.

An avid fan of gladiatorial combat, Cachlain spends days in his throne room watching the games; he even takes his meals there and slumbers on his throne. The king keeps strange hours and requires the arena to be active all day and night. The plates in Cachlain’s skin were once a stone golem crafted by cyclopses to fight in the arena. It destroyed all who battled it, and when the king tired of seeing the same result in every fight, he had the golem destroyed. Its “reward” was becoming a part of the king. Its consciousness still exists in a latent form, and it feels constant pain from the process that bound it to the king.

When the Fancy Bastards finally freed Cachlain from Sovacles’s influence, they found him to be much more reasonable. He agreed to a peace treaty with the Winter Eladrin and even acquiesced to the eladrin queen’s claim over the Seed of Winter.


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