Caliandra of the Stagrunners

Elf barbarian


This ancient elf can trace her descendants back to elves who migrated from the Feywild almost eleven of her generations ago. She leads not only her own tribe, the Stagrunners, but has also been named the voice of all the tribes that live in the wild reaches to the north and west of Elsir Vale. All told, she speaks for a group of twenty-five tribes.

Fierce, wild, and haughty, she is stubborn and opinionated, and isn’t afraid to engage in a protracted argument about aspects of history that most people have long forgotten. She holds influence with many gnome, elf, and eladrin leaders, much as a respected grandmother and advisor might. In a crisis, she leans toward solutions that provide the most safety for the most people. She seems to expect subservience, making Caliandra nearly intolerable to deal with. But she also has tremendous in-roads among the barbarian tribes she represents, making her a valuable asset.

One of the naysayers of the Seven Shields Coalition, Caliandra automatically assumes her age and experience make her the voice everyone else should listen to. She talks loudly, fiercely, and often, but she doesn’t mince words. She gets to her point quickly. She favors action of some sort, but is like a ship in need of a pilot. If given a course that she can approve of — something that will let her lead her people to glorious battle against the invaders who have killed so many of her people — she will fight honorably and without hesitation. But she demands respect, and is fond of rejecting someone else’s idea out of hand, only to bring it back up minutes later as a concept all her own.

Caliandra of the Stagrunners

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