The greedy wizard


Many years ago, Sirkana Embersight took on a pupil by the name of Falrinth. He showed interest in the elemental arts and teleportation magic, but his experiments took a turn for the bizarre. It became clear to Sirkana that Falrinth was ultimately interested in using his talents in magic purely for the acquisition of wealth, which was against her beliefs. After a heated argument they parted ways.

When Markas began to show a knack for magic he was sent to study with Falrinth in his mottled tower on the hill by the town of Talar. Falrinth is a bit of a local expert and go-to guy regarding portal and summoning magics, and Markas learned a lot from him.

He learned even more, however, from the various “practical” trips on which he was sent. Markas would be sent to perform some small feat of magic in a nearby town and collect a predetermined payment, all of which had to be returned to his master. “It wouldn’t be right for a student to receive payment,” Falrinth said as he was putting the finishing touches on the third floor of his tower. “But remember, one day you’ll be nearly as powerful as me. And with great power comes the ability to charge a great price.” Eventually Falrinth came across some documents concerning the ancient riches of the Karak Lode, and Markas was sent off on his “final exam.” Despite the better part of a year having passed, Falrinth had apparently made no attempt to try and find Markas.

Falrinth occasionally spoke with bitterness about an old professor of his, the one from whom he was first introduced to summoning magic. It was apparently a sore subject, and he often accused his former teacher of being “narrow-minded”.

During the events Beyond the Mottled Tower, the Fancy Bastards discovered Falrinth’s tower as it was collapsing into blood chaos. Falrinth had been harboring Megan Swiftblade in the tower. The Fancy Bastards were able to rescue Falrinth before the tower was completely destroyed, and he repaid the favor by giving the party the information they needed to reach Sarshan. He since moved on from Talar in an attempt to recover his fortunes.



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