Disciple of Yeenoghu, Leader of the Wicked Fang


Some months ago, a mysterious figure calling himself only the Emissary contacted the hobgoblin chieftain Sinruth and spurred him into reviving the marauding horde known as the Red Hand of Doom. Unbeknownst to both Sinruth and the Fancy Bastards (at the time), this Emissary was the shadar-kai arms dealer Sarshan. Simultaneously, Sarshan began sending messages to the leader of a band of gnoll mercenaries, a disciple of Yeenoghu named Fangren, in the hopes of inciting the gnolls in a similar fashion.

The gnolls were not so easily commanded, however, forcing Sarshan to take more drastic steps. While the goblins were content to raid Brindol thanks to little more than motivational letters, the gnoll mercenaries required something more. In order to secure their services, Sarshan arranged for the gnolls to receive several shipments of shadar-kai weapons from his storehouses in the Shadowfell. In exchange, Fangren agreed to lead his mercenaries across Elsir Vale, pillaging, plundering, and seizing as many captives as possible.

Fangren and his mercenaries went about the agreed-upon task with gusto, carving a swath of destruction across the borders of Elsir Vale. Using an ancient githzerai monastery known as Fortress Graystone for their base of operations, the gnolls began kidnapping innocent inhabitants of the Vale for their own sinister pleasures. Most of their raids focused on outlying settlements, allowing them to wreak havoc without drawing the attention of more powerful parties.

As the gnolls found more and more success in their raids on the Vale, their leader grew even hungrier for power. Soon, Fangren came to believe that their success was not due to shadar-kai weaponry but by the favor of the demon lord Yeenoghu. Fangren quickly started to see himself not as merely the leader of a band of gnolls, but as a chosen one of Yeenoghu, with a destiny to become one of the demon lord’s exarchs.

While he sent his bands of mercenaries across the Vale, Fangren began gathering the components for the bloody ritual that would infuse him with the foul power of Yeenoghu. The gnoll shaman had completed the first phase of the ritual deep inside the githzerai fortress, opening an energy conduit to the Elemental Chaos in the hope of embracing the power of the Ruler of Ruin. However, the creation of this conduit and the powerful magic of Fangren’s ritual had an effect the gnoll shaman did not expect. Within the Hall of Great Valor in Brindol, magic long hidden within an ancient ceremonial sword has been awoken. A week past, the sword spoke, begging the aid of a group of heroes — and asking for the Fancy Bastards by name.


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