Fariex the Scalehammer

Coalition member


Fariex is light-hearted by nature, and knows more jokes than most jesters. He is far from a buffoon, however, and expects respect. His one weakness is a tendency to weigh the facts of a problem instead of quickly making up his mind.

Fariex is a powerful merchant with interests in various cities. Fariex does not represent a city or other political body, but was invited to the Seven Shields Coalition because of his connections to many far-reaching settlements, townships, and ports, and the wealth and military might they represent. In meetings, Fariex is mostly quiet, but will occasionally interject a pointed question, especially if the topic of conversation touches on his area of expertise (namely, money and its movement through business affairs). He also has an interesting sense of humor, and will sometimes try to openly catch others in duplicity or engage in some word play over a statement he perceives as absurd. The richest member of the Coalition, Fariex is a key player, since he can fund many of the operations the Coalition is ambitiously interested in pursuing.

Fariex the Scalehammer

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