Unwilling githyanki spy


After the rescue of the githzerai at Akma’ad, Tokk’it sought out the female monk Gallia to introduce her to the Fancy Bastards. In the process of seeking her out, Tokk’it spoke with other githzerai, many of whom remarked how they thought she was dead when she was trapped on the upper roof and surrounded. When Tokk’it found her, she coldly shrugged off any explanation (or questions) about how she was able to survive long enough to re-enter the fortress.

Gallia was polite but formal to both the heroes and Tokk’it. She denied any wrongdoing when accused of spying, although as with other possessed individuals the heroes have encountered, a little insight revealed that she was under the influence of an outside source. Based on the heroes’ experiences in the Temple Between, they assumed, rightly, that a githyanki spirit was controlling the githzerai woman.

Convincing the githzerai that Gallia was a githyanki spy was not as difficult as the heroes might have expected, even to Tokk’it. Her behavior had been odd in the past months since her possession, and the githzerai are familiar with the githyanki’s penchant for possessing individuals to use them as spies. Even so, as outsiders, it took a little diplomacy to convince Odos and the other githzerai that Gallia should be questioned about her activities leading up to and during the attack. Fortunately the heroes discovered her hand-drawn portraits on the Conqueror, so they even had hard evidence that Gallia was sending the githyanki information.

When seized and searched, she had a small piece of pale green stained glass on her person that she couldn’t and wouldn’t explain.

Gallia was unable to be intimidated. As with possessed individuals that the heroes had encountered in past, the spirit in Gallia’s body couldn’t really be threatened, since it could leave at any time. The spirit in Gallia refused to answer questions. Odos ordered her executed on the spot, and the Fancy Bastards agreed that it was the best course of action. She laughed and did not resist.


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