Githzerai leader


One of the leaders of the fractious githzerai of Sayre, an atypically fiery githzerai named Gal’ott, urged action. Young and angry, he wanted to take the fight to the streets, organizing what amounted to a githzerai gang. Gal’ott and several other githzerai are refugees from cities and monasteries from elsewhere in the world. Many have traveled several hundred miles to get to Sayre after seeing githyanki destroy their homes, and they’re appalled that nothing is being done here to combat the threat. These githzerai wear red armbands and never travel alone, only adding to the local residents’ fears of exactly what Gal’ott is asking his fellows to do.

Gal’ott was tired of being mistreated by the other races, whom he considers inferior to the githzerai. The very fact that the people of Sayre would allow a githyanki in their midst mades them suspect. He is mistrustful, and thinks that he should lead a small group of githzerai into Telicanthus’s mansion to kill him.

The Fancy Bastards supported Aziff over Gal’ott, sending him into a rage. He swore that he would take personal action against Telicanthus if things didn’t progress quickly enough. Fortunately, the heroes were able to resolve the situation before it came to that.


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