Dwarf Paladin


Kalad was an invaluable aid to the Fancy Bastards as they worked to break the Siege of Bordrin’s Watch. Kalad knew how to seal the Nexus, thus closing off all the passages through the mountains and forcing the orcs and orogs to face Bordrin’s Watch. He also had a good idea about how to reach the Nexus. Finally, he also had a score to settle against the orcs and gladly accompanied the heroes on the final leg of their mission with no convincing required. Kalad had already closed the tunnels below Bordrin’s Watch after the news of the approaching army grew dire.

Kalad is tall for a dwarf, thickly muscled, but his beard was savagely cut from his face when the Monastery of the Sundered Chain was attacked. Deeply pious, as one would expect of a holy warrior, Kalad spends a portion of each day in deep prayer, calling out to his god for guidance, comfort, and a renewal of his resolve to continue his fight against the darkness. Outside these private times, Kalad is friendly, if gruff, constant in his support, but always detached. He doesn’t have much use for humor and ignores the banter of those around him. He might be reserved in his relations, but the heroes couldn’t have asked for a more committed ally. Kalad sees the Fancy Bastards as divine agents — heroes sent by the gods to save him and reveal to him his life’s purpose. Thus, he watched the characters for further revelations that might shed light on what lies in store for him next.

Kalad returned to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain following the Siege of Bordrin’s Watch to help rebuild the order. Shortly thereafter, he was recalled to Overlook to serve as a sergeant in the Overlook watch. He contacted the Fancy Bastards on behalf of Bram Ironfell regarding the Lost Mines of Karak.

Kalad reappeared during the events of the Haven of the Bitter Glass as the Elsir Vale representative to the Seven Shields Coalition. The heavily muscled dwarven paladin no longer looked quite as haunted as he did in the tunnels of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. He was gruff but friendly, and a staunch ally of the Fancy Bastards. Kalad also had spoken to Amyria several times, and he backed her unflinchingly. Unfortunately, his seemingly blind
willingness to support the deva made him look intractable and foolish to the more politically savvy members of the Coalition, and his staunch support has almost proved a liability from time to time.

The dwarf Kalad, one of the heroes’ most outspoken allies, had become an effective general for the coalition’s armies, and had earned the enmity of the githyanki. While preparing for a battle near Sherrbyr, he was assassinated by the githyanki, and without his leadership the battle ended in defeat for the Coalition.

When Kalad perished, Moradin took pity on this dedicated servant and called his spirit from the Shadowfell to serve in the afterlife as he did in life. Kalad lent his aid to Empyron, learning the ancient healing arts passed down for millennia. He remembered little from his life, but he recalled familiar faces. His face split into a grin as he welcomed the heroes to the City of Healing.


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