Karch Silvertongue

Tiefling Rogue 23


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Karch Silvertongue, level 23
Tiefling, Rogue, Cloaked Sniper, Godhunter
Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger
Rogue: Rogue Weapon Talent
Pact Initiate: Pact Initiate (dark pact)
Background: Waterdeep

Str 12, Con 12, Dex 23, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 22.

Str 10, Con 10, Dex 17, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 14.

AC: 35 Fort: 26 Reflex: 34 Will: 31
HP: 134 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 33

Stealth +26, Thievery +22, Intimidate +22, Perception +18, Athletics +17, Bluff +26, Insight +18, Streetwise +22

Acrobatics +17, Arcana +13, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +13, Endurance +12, Heal +13, History +13, Nature +13, Religion +13

Level 1: Backstabber
Level 2: Improved Initiative
Level 4: Far Shot
Level 6: Skill Training (Insight)
Level 8: Distant Advantage
Level 10: Pact Initiate
Level 11: Bael Turath Born
Level 12: Point-Blank Shot (retrained to Two-Fisted Shooter at Level 19)
Level 14: Diabolic Soul
Level 16: Weapon Expertise (Crossbow)
Level 18: Practiced Study
Level 20: Point-Blank Shot
Level 21: Bow Mastery
Level 22: Hostile Mind

Rogue at-will 1: Disheartening Strike (retrained to Preparatory Shot at Level 15)
Rogue at-will 1: Sly Flourish
Rogue encounter 1: Dazing Strike
Rogue daily 1: Blinding Barrage
Rogue utility 2: Sneak in the Attack
Rogue encounter 3: Bait and Switch
Rogue daily 5: Staggering Assault
Rogue utility 6: Ferret Out Frailty
Rogue encounter 7: From the Shadows
Rogue daily 9: Agonizing Shot
Rogue utility 10: Navigate Crowds
Rogue encounter 13: Tornado Strike (replaces Dazing Strike)
Rogue daily 15: Arterial Slice (replaces Blinding Barrage)
Rogue utility 16: Hide in Plain Sight
Rogue encounter 17: Unerring Shot (replaces Bait and Switch)
Rogue daily 19: Feinting Flurry (replaces Staggering Assault)
Rogue utility 22: Invisible Stalker
Rogue encounter 23: Knave’s Gambit (replaces From the Shadows)

Adventurer’s Kit, Thieves’ Tools, Crossbow Bolts (40), Dagger (2), Polyglot Gem (heroic tier), Grappling Hook, Eye of Deception (heroic tier), Longshot Gloves (paragon tier), Assassin’s Slippers (paragon tier), Bracers of Archery (heroic tier), Chameleon Ring (paragon tier), Sehanine’s Mark of the Dark Moon (level 3), Darkskull (heroic tier), Dice of Auspicious Fortune (paragon tier), Vicious Hand Crossbow +4, Cape of the Mountebank +4, Thundergod Dagger +3, Peerless Exploration, Alter Ego, Bag of Tricks, Rust (paragon tier), Ring of Traded Knowledge (epic tier), Repulsion Anathema Armor +5, Warding Blade Dagger +5, Talisman of Fortune (paragon tier), Sword of Kas
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Karch Silvertongue

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