Megan Swiftblade

Human Fighter, Leader of the Freeriders


Megan Swiftblade was the pretty daughter of a poor farmer not far from Brindol. She was a childhood friend to Darin Longbow. When the Red Hand invaded the Vale, the goblins and dragonspawn slew her family and left her scarred — physically and emotionally. She spent the last decade honing her fighting skills, vowing she would give her life to protect innocents from the encroaching darkness so other young people would never face the horrors she was forced to endure.

As the leader of the Freeriders, Megan sees her fellow adventurers as extended family and is protective of them — protective to the point that conflicts sometimes arise. She can come off as brusque, but she means well and is fearless in battle. Megan is sword thin with an attractive figure, keeps her brown hair cut short, and has a vicious scar that runs from her forehead and down her left cheek.

Several months after the events of Temple Between, Megan found evidence linking Sarshan to General Zithiruun. Pursued by Sarshan’s agents, she fled to her hometown of Talar where she took refuge with the sage Falrinth. During the events of Beyond the Mottled Tower she sent for assistance from Overlook.

Although she desperately needed help, Megan was less than happy to see the Fancy Bastards. She resented them for denying the Freeriders the glory of defeating General Zithiruun. The rest of the Freeriders went into hiding elsewhere in Elsir Vale after the first assassination attempt against them, as the group felt that splitting up would make them less vulnerable.

Megan was anxious to rescue Falrinth after his tower began to sink, but a broken leg left her trapped. Though she suspected that Sarshan was trying to kill her, she did not immediately share her knowledge of the shadar-kai with the Fancy Bastards when they arrived.

Megan Swiftblade

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