Dark creeper


Before the Siege of Bordrin’s Watch, Modra was approached by orog chieftain Tusk’s advisor Myrissa, a shadar-kai witch who knew of Sarshan’s operations. However, the success of Sarshan’s arms running and mercenary services turned on his ability to maintain a low profile in his dealings with clients in the world. Sometimes this meant turning down jobs that ran too much risk of exposure. Tusk’s massive raid, aimed at the heart of the civilized frontier and a stone’s throw from Sarshan’s operations in the city of Overlook, was one of these.

When Sarshan rebuffed Myrissa’s request, Modra approached the witch in secret. He struck a deal to supply Tusk with weapons and intelligence, sending in a group of his followers (the dark creepers in the Vents, including Iranda) to do the job. In going behind Sarshan’s back, Modra expected that an overwhelming orc victory (won with the help of dark one subterfuge) would win his master’s respect. However, with Tusk’s forces routed and Modra’s servants scattered or killed, the dark creeper had to go to ground to escape Sarshan’s wrath. The brass key that Iranda carried in the Vents set the Fancy Bastards on Modra’s trail — and led them into the next stage of their adventure.


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