Most Exalted Odos from the House of Reprisal, blind githzerai elder


Odos was the only githzerai leader to have survived the siege of Akma’ad during the Haven of the Bitter Glass.

Odos is not an inspiring leader; he is dour, pessimistic, and suspicious. Nevertheless, he isn’t a bad person. He is greatly respected by his people for keeping them both safe and strong in the Elemental Chaos, and his knowledge of history and tradition is legendary. While many of the githzerai might individually disagree with him at times, they would all die to protect him.

Following the siege of Akma’ad, Odos remained neutral as to what the githzerai should do. He personally favored killing Telicanthus and then abandoning the plane, but was willing to listen to each argument before he made his decision. He knew that Amyria wished him to join her Coalition, but was not sure that he wanted anything to do with the mortal world and its defense against the githyanki threat. The Fancy Bastards ultimately convinced him otherwise. All the githzerai respected Odos’s final decision, as the last remaining principal elder on the mortal world.

The githzerai leader firmly believed that Telicanthus was up to no good, however, and while he is mostly quiet in the proceedings of the Coalition, when the issue of the githyanki noble inevitably surfaces, he doesn’t hesitate to make his opinion known. Odos represents githzerai all over the mortal world and beyond, and he knows the githyanki tactics and agendas. He’s perhaps the single most important ally in the defense of the world, and most of the other Coalition members know this — even if they won’t admit it openly.



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