Quelenna Entromiel

Ruler of Dornaithos


The female eladrin Quelenna Entromiel rules over the mercantile settlement of Dornaithos, which trades both fine craftwork (including goods from the Feywild) and everyday items. She has dealings with the Elsir Consortium, a group of merchants from the Elsir Vale, and with traders in every major settlement across this corner of the mortal world. Gregarious and shrewd, Quelenna is well known for her business acumen and efficiency. It’s rumored she’s not afraid to resort to bribery if doing so will get a project or deal finished quickly.

Quelenna wants Dornaithos’s fortunes to continue and thinks running the Seven Shields Coalition is a way to make herself more prominent and secure better deals for Dornaithos to provide war material. She has repeatedly set her sights on the position of Coalition leader.

Quelenna made a play for leader of the Coalition following the death of Divian Torrance. Ruler of the settlement called Dornaithos, she has influence over trade in several lands, and she can easily access raw materials needed for the war effort. Traders in every major settlement know her name. She’s an expert at arranging deals, especially when time is tight, and some say she’ll even use bribes if it will help her.

Quelenna want Dornaithos’s fortunes to continue, and she thinks running the war council is a way to make herself more prominent and secure better deals for Dornaithos to provide war material.

Two words encapsulate Quelenna’s proposal: caution and commerce. Quelenna believes — and makes this belief widely known — that the war won’t last long, and that the free cities can weather the storm once the githyanki assault runs out of steam. She encourages a defensive posture and argues that building up the defenses of the cities is best for now and for the future. Of course, Dornaithos is happy to provide the materials and expertise to build these fortifications.

Ultimately, after several failed political gambits, Quelenna realized she had lost in her bid for leader. Throwing her full support behind the Fancy Bastards and Amyria, her influence ultimately secured victory for the deva. She would later take over the helm of the Coalition as an interim leader, following Amyria’s passing.

Quelenna Entromiel

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