Green Exarch of Tiamat


A cold, secretive man, Sovacles spoke for Cachlain. Compromise and compassion weren’t in his vocabulary, and he was dismissive of anyone whose goals don’t align with his. Though arrogant, he was not stupid. He could tell the Fancy Bastards were dangerous and didn’t risk confronting them directly the first time he encountered them. Once they’d been worn down by Sangwyr’s attacks, he thought he’d be able to defeat them.

Appearances were deceiving in Sovacles’s case. In truth, he was a snaketongue cultist, given serpentine traits by the yuan-ti. Later, unsatisfied with the power he’d been given, he sought out followers of Tiamat.

His ambition paid off, and he received the blessings of the god of greed. He became a shapeshifter, able to take on five different forms. These forms mixed human, snake, and dragon traits. In time, his service gained him the title of exarch of Tiamat. He is commonly known by the name Virizan. “Sovacles” is an alias.

The alliance Cachlain made with the githyanki was Sovacles’s plan, and the details of it aren’t in Cachlain’s best interest. In fact, the githyanki are closely allied with Tiamat, and Sovacles served only her interests. Sovacles thought Cachlain was too difficult to deal with, and he sought a more pliable ally.

The fomorian Sangwyr seeks Cachlain’s throne, and Sovacles forged a secret pact with Sangwyr to depose the king, take over, and embark on aggressive attacks against the enemies of Tiamat and the githyanki.


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