Advisor to Cachlain


This cyclops was once the king’s advisor, but was imprisoned once Sovacles took over her spot. She had been in the prison for months and was eager to help anyone who could help release her. Though she’s by no means a friend of good or of the eladrin, she’s the lesser of two evils compared to Sovacles. Despite her situation, she’s still fiercely loyal to Cachlain.

From her, the Fancy Bastards learned the following information:

✦ Sovacles arrived about four months prior and quickly ingratiated himself with Cachlain. Soon after that, Talyrin was imprisoned in the middle of the night. She was imprisoned by Cachlain’s order, and no evidence or even accusation is needed for the king to imprison someone.

✦ Talyrin believed Sovacles had supernatural power that let him control Cachlain. This is the first of the Stone-Skinned King’s advisors to wield magic openly. Fearing its power, Cachlain was unwilling to choose anyone but sages and powerful warriors as advisors in the past.

✦ A rival of Cachlain named Sangwyr has long coveted the Stone-Skinned King’s caverns. For decades now, the upstart has fought both Cachlain and the eladrin of Frostwhite Forest. Talyrin hears that Sangwyr’s forces are growing, bolstered by allies from another plane.

✦ Under Sovacles’s guidance, conditions have gotten worse in Cachlain’s realm. The troops moving through secret complexes deep below ground took food and resources that would go to those who live in the court. The cyclopses collected more and more slaves, and Sovacles sent them to assist the githyanki soldiers.

✦ After the eladrin in another cell told her that Inzira sought an alliance, Talyrin came to believe it was a good plan — if Sangwyr was truly becoming dangerous. She fears the rumors of his power might be lies spread by the eladrin to trick Cachlain, and she hasn’t seen evidence that an attack is imminent.


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