Eoffram Troyas

Brindol Councilmember


Councilmember Eoffram Troyas was a new addition to the Brindol city council. As such, he was less prone to the traditional means of accomplishing important tasks. In a short time, he established a reputation as an outspoken, and sometimes combative, public figure. A half-elf, he has shown little of his race’s good-natured tendency toward patience.

One of Troyas’s most recent controversial remarks was that he intended to use adventurers to aid in cutting down on recent bandit attacks in the Elsir Vale. Other members of the council — despite the city’s recent history and survival thanks to the efforts of adventurers — were dubious, but willing to give Councilmember Troyas’s policy a chance — to fail. Many of the more entrenched public figures secretly believe that the mercurial nature of adventurers makes them eminently unsuitable for the defense of the city. At least, that’s their public stance. Privately, rumors on the street continue to circulate about graft and embezzlement among the council, causing many to wonder if such members of the council would rather see the funds that are used to hire adventurers end up in their pockets.

After the heroes eliminated the threat of an ogre outside a town bar, word reached Councilmember Troyas within the day. The assaults upon the city proper were a fresh outrage, especially to a man who lost his family to the Red Hand’s assault ten years earlier. He didn’t have blind faith in the heroes, however, and wanted to meet them himself.

Councilmember Troyas is a somber man, who speaks carefully and methodically. He maintains eye contact, and attempts at levity are met with a long, cold stare, followed by a reminder about the nature of the threat to Brindol.

Following the death of Kalad, Eoffram took the reins as the Elsir Vale representative to the Seven Shields Coalition. A member of the Brindol council, the male half-elf Eoffram Troyas is outspoken and rash, and has become even more so as he hears more news of war. When speaking, he is somber, methodical, and humorless. Debate bores him, and he’d prefer to make quick, unilateral decisions than let issues get bogged down in endless chatter.

Though he truly seeks to do good, Eoffram believes his ideas are the only ones that matter. He’s willing to sacrifice whatever he needs to if it helps end the war. A quick, decisive victory is what he believes he needs to establish his leadership and immortalize his name. Eoffram wasn’t initially chosen to advise the Coalition, and still harbors resentment that he wasn’t included.

Eoffram wants to be aggressive — to take the fight to the enemies of the Coalition. A show of force can, in his opinion, cause the enemy troops to scatter and retreat. He favors a combat crash course for citizens of all the Coalition’s communities, along with recruiting mercenaries, followed by a rapid assault against the evil forces.

Eoffram Troyas

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