The Crone


Zerriksa was one of the prisoners held during the Rescue At Rivenroar.

The crone Zerriksa resisted as passively as a woman in her seventies could manage. A naturally cranky woman, she made her captors more than a little miserable. And she played on the rumors in Brindol and intimated she might have “dark powers,” hoping that she’d scare the hobgoblins into treating her better.

Her plan worked — to a point. The hobgoblins put Zerriksa inside a magic trap, hoping she wouldn’t be able to turn them into toads once she was inside. She was stuck there, but at least the hobgoblins gave her a wide berth.

Everyone in Brindol thinks that Zerriksa is a witch, but she’s really just an accomplished herbalist. While they couldn’t attack her directly, the gnomes and ettercaps tried to intimidate her and perhaps persuade her to switch sides. Two days before her rescue, the ettercaps showed her Kartenix’s corpse, half-wrapped in webbing. The next day one of the gnomes brought the boy Thurann to the edge of the circle and threatened to slit his throat.

Zerriksa doesn’t care for her fellow prisoners, but knew that she wouldn’t last long with the denizens of Rivenroar once they realized she had no magic powers. So she played out her bluff and bided her time.

Zerriksa was responsible for reviving several of the heroes after they were nearly slaughtered by the ettercaps.



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