Party Equipment

Current as of 7/31/2011

Equipment Karch Markas Rhyd’ley Sirkana Zakiti
XP 1000000 1000000 884878 1000000 1000000
GP 1043429 2636629 3209438.5 151853 1331607
Body Shadowflow Starleather +6 Mindpatterned Cloth of Negation +6 Warsheath Tarrasque Plate +6 Shockweave Starleather +6
Eladrin Spiritmail +6
Main Hand Quenchquiver Hand Crossbow +6 Dragontooth Wand of Cold +6 Bloodclaw Bastard Sword +6 Radiant Quarterstaff +6 Bard’s Songblade Scimitar +6
Off Hand Sword Of Kas Dragontooth Wand of Force +6 Guardian’s Heavy Shield (epic) Arrow of Fate +6 Light Shield of Ultimate Protection (epic)
Alternate Warding Dagger +5 Distance Handaxe +1 Wicked Fang Longsword +4
Head Eye of Deception Eagle Eye Goggles (Epic) Ioun Stone of Steadfastness Headband of Intellect (epic) Iron of Spite (epic)
Neck Star of the Astral Sea +6 Torc of Power Preservation +5 Amulet of Seduction +6 Chaos Cloak +6 Sustaining Cloak +6
Arms Bracers of Archery (6th) Diamond Bracers (9th) Mindiron Vambraces (epic) Skull Bracers (heroic) Trollhide Bracers (19th)
Hands Longshot Gloves (11th) Gloves of Ice (Epic) Gauntlets of the Blood War (paragon) Burning Gauntlets (epic) Gloves of the Healer (22)
Ring 1 Chameleon Ring Champion’s Ring (17th) Ring of Circling Fangs (paragon) Primordial Ring Ring of Agile Thought
Ring 2 Ring of Life (epic) Ring of Shadow Guard (Paragon) Farndak’s Glittering Ring Rom Kala’s Tideshield Ring Gargoyle Ring
Waist Belt of the Witch King (paragon) Stalwart Belt (epic) Belt of Breaching General’s Belt (paragon)
Feet Assassin’s Slippers (11th) Wallwalkers Sandals of Avandra Wavestrider Boots (heroic) Boots of Quickness (epic)
Symbol Symbol of Brawn +5
Tattoo Ironheart (paragon) Eager Hero’s (paragon)
Boon Sehanine’s Mark (3rd)
Wondrous Polyglot Gem (Deep Speech, heroic), Darkskull, Dice of Auspicious Fortune, Bag of Tricks (rust), Talisman of Fortune, Vicious Hand Crossbow +4, Assassin’s Cloak +5, Portable Hole Dice of Auspicious Fortune, Elemental Prism, Solitaire (aquamarine), Foe Stone, 3 nails of sealing Figurine of Wondrous Power: Elderwood Falcon, Dice of Auspicious Fortune Safe Retreat, Dice of Auspicious Fortune, Fire Horn, Mummified Hand (with Star Opal Ring on it), Amber Monkeys Dice of Auspicious Fortune, Horn of Baldagyr, Figurine of Wondrous Power: Coral Dragon

Residuum: 1,284,297 GP worth

Transport: Astral Skiff “Ka’a’arch’s Folly”, Spelljammer “Mercy’s Blessing”
Accoutrements: One very comfy chair

Unassigned items: Everlasting Provisions, Ring of Traded Knowledge, Phoenix Helm (epic)

Usable items: 2 gems of valor (Adventurer’s Vault 191), 3 potions of vigor (level 19, Adventurer’s Vault 189), 7 potions of vitality, one potion of life, 5 potions of recovery, 5 tempest whetstones, (level 20, Adventurer’s Vault, page 190), 4 potions of resistance (level 24, Adventurer’s Vault, page 188), 7 potions of recovery, 4 potions of life

Undistributed wealth: 200,000 gp in platinum and opal jewelry

Party Equipment

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