Deva Paladin of Bahamut, Leader of the Coalition


Amyria is a deva – a race of creatures whose essence lives in perpetuity through reincarnation. Her most recent reincarnation was as a primal essence trapped within a platinum sword. Finally mastering the ability to speak, Amyria made contact with the Fancy Bastards and entreated them to free her form by performing a ritual at the Fortress Graystone. The effort required to speak drained Amyria of her life force, however, and she was only able to provide minimal guidance on the trek to the Den of the Destroyer.

When the ritual was finally performed and Amyria allowed to take her current fleshbound form, she found she was unable to remember anything (including the Fancy Bastards and her purpose for being there). Even now she has only the vaguest flashes from her past lives.

After disappearing following the Fancy Bastards’ return to Overlook, Amyria turned up next in Sayre during the events of the Haven of the Bitter Glass. She helped to mediate the dispute between Aziff, Gal’ott, and Odos as to the appropriate action to take regarding Telicanthus. She was vehemently opposed to assassinating Telicanthus. Not only did she think it would be a death sentence for the martyrs who attempted it, she feared that the political backlash from all of his friends would put every githzerai in the city at risk. Worse, assuming it was he behind a possible githyanki communication web, she wasn’t sure that killing him would stop it; he might be completely innocent. She was in favor of more investigation, and revealing Telicanthus as a fraud and traitor before dealing with him publicly. That way the githzerai couldn’t possibly be blamed. She also pointed out that Sayre hadn’t been attacked by githyanki yet, and that may have been because Telicanthus was alive, although there was no way to know for sure.

Amyria was chiefly responsible for orchestrating the Seven Shields Coalition. Not originally a member of the Coalition, the extremely passionate and charismatic deva paladin rallied these leaders to meet in Sayre to discuss the invasion. While she didn’t have a vote on a course of action, she had the right to speak freely — something she hesitated to take advantage of in this first meeting. When she did speak, Amyria almost glowed with her inspiration and belief in what is right.

A deva scion of Bahamut and force for good, Amyria is responsible for spearheading the efforts to bring together the Coalition against the githyanki incursion. Amyria was tasked to become the special envoy to the isolationist island nation of Nefelus, due in part to her heritage (the rulers of Nefelus are all devas) and also because she had shown that she is a capable diplomat. She is passionate, caring, and charismatic. The Fancy Bastards are her favorites when it comes to getting a job done, and thus she took them along to help with Nefelus’s problem. Amyria admitted that she was uneasy about meeting other devas, especially some as ancient as members of the Thraxinium. She was also concerned that if she failed in this task, the Coalition forces would lack a key ally — one that could provide substantial military and magical support.

After successfully securing Nefelus as an ally to the Coalition – and following the death of Divian Torrance – Amyria was appointed the representative from Sayre and selected to be the leader of the Coalition.

Following the death of Bahamut, Amyria began to become very ill. Plagued with visions that she believed to be a parting gift from Bahamut, she sent the Fancy Bastards on the quest of the Legacy of Io to recover the Arrow of Fate. It was then revealed that Amyria carried within her the divine essence of Bahamut, secreted away with her within the platinum sword as a sort of insurance policy against Tiamat. When Bahamut was slain, however, the essence within Amyria struggled to contain Bahamut’s soul – consuming Amyria’s body in the process. It seemed that both would perish if the god could not be restored to mortal form quickly. Fortunately, the Fancy Bastards acted quickly to bring both Amyria and a spark of divine creation to the Bridge of al-Sihal where Amyria was allowed to step into the very essence of creation. Amyria’s body was destroyed, allowing the god Bahamut to be restored to life once more.


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