Hestavar, the Bright City, is the pinnacle of civilization: art, innovation, trade, and justice flourish among the many floating earthmotes upon which the ideal city is built. Erathis, Ioun, and Pelor reside within the city, along with hosts of angels and exalted souls. A scattering of beings from every mortal race inhabit or are passing through the city at any time and might rub shoulders with the angelic servants of other deities, eladrin lords, or even the odd devil that comes to the city to conduct business.

The domain consists of a great number of earthmotes that climb above the sparkling lagoon occupying the lower third of the domain. Hestavar sports normal gravity, but soft drops, areas that allow a character to float gently downward, connect many of the earthmotes to those higher or lower.

Radiance Affinity: Creatures gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls using radiant powers. Creatures deal only half damage with attacks using necrotic damage (though ongoing necrotic damage is unaffected).

Current Developments: Spurred by the recent death of Bahamut, many of the good and unaligned gods have come together to discuss Tiamat’s actions and what they might do in response. Erathis, Ioun, and Pelor have withdrawn from Hestavar to attend this council, leaving the operation of the city in the hands of its angelic bureaucracy.

Even at ground level, the bustle of an active, thriving metropolis envelops you. The open, airy streets, lined with beautiful homes and businesses of all descriptions, are thronged with exalted going about their business and troops of angels going about their gods’ business. Despite all the activity, there remains a sense of peace and contentment that no mortal city could duplicate.

Getting anywhere in a massive, bustling city built on hundreds of independent and sometimes mobile floating chunks of rock is a daunting task for outsiders. Fortunately, the natives of Hestavar take great pride in their ability to navigate the confusing three-dimensional maze and are more than willing to give aid to lost travelers. The complex nature of the city plus the fact that the natives derive much good-natured entertainment from the bewilderment of mortal bumpkins means that their directions, while always accurate and precise, will seem insanely convoluted to foreigners. For those disinclined to navigate on foot, astral skiffs offer ferry services to the more popular destinations within the city for the reasonable price of a few platinum pieces a head.

Visitors can find almost any service or item they might be looking for within the city, and it is easy to lose sight of their mission amid all the bounty the Bright City has to offer.


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